6 Tips For Successful Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is a combination of a live event and a virtual event, where people in person and online are able to attend and participate.

Hybrid events are not only more accessible but also have a wider reach than in-person events. In fact, a survey found that ‘63% of companies with 2000-5000 employees included hybrid events in their event portfolio’, emphasising their popularity.

Thinking about hosting a hybrid event yourself? Keep reading, because this blog explains just how to run a successful hybrid event, from the first idea to the planning to gathering post-event feedback and everything in between.

Here are 6 tips for hosting successful hybrid events:

  1. Find the right hybrid event service
  2. Consider different time-zones
  3. Provide clear communication and instructions
  4. Maintain interest by including various elements
  5. Plan online and offline interaction spaces
  6. Monitor analytics & gather feedback

1. Find The Right Hybrid Event Service

If you’re interested in putting together a hybrid event, but aren’t sure where to get started, finding the right hybrid event service is highly recommended.

Not only will a professional hybrid event service help you to create a professional event, but they will also help you to navigate everything from planning to branding the event.

At Buffoon Media, we provide a seamless hybrid event service to make putting on events as convenient as possible. Our hybrid event services are perfect for award ceremonies, conferences, and more.

Not only do we produce the majority of the event from our remote studio to minimise setup time on the day, but we also use world class Live technology which has the capability to stream from the most remote locations using a combination of SIM cards, WiFi and hard wired internet.

In addition to this, we also offer split payments over three months to help spread the cost of your event. To find out more, be sure to contact a member of the team today.

People discussing tips for hybrid events

A survey found that ‘63% of companies with 2000-5000 employees included hybrid events in their event portfolio’, emphasising their popularity.

2. Consider Different Time-Zones

The next tip for hybrid events is to consider the different time-zones around the world, as your participants might be based in different countries.

No matter how good your event is, it needs to be accessible to your target audience in order to be a success.

In the planning stages of your business’ hybrid event, you will need to ask yourself the following: Who’s likely to come to your event and where are they based around the world?

Whichever platform you use to host your event, you will need your hybrid event service to take this information into consideration.

Failure to host your hybrid event without considering different time-zones will undoubtedly exclude people from your event.

3. Provide Clear Communication and Instructions

Some people might not have ever attended a hybrid event before, or perhaps an event full stop, so it’s really important that you clearly communicate about how the attendees can participate in the hybrid event, whether they are joining in person or virtually.

Provide detailed instructions on how to register for the event, access the virtual platform, navigate the agenda, and participate in interactive activities. It’s also super important to keep attendees informed of any changes or updates leading up to the event to prevent confusion and ensure a smooth experience for everyone. This might include information about time, how to access the event, what to expect etc.

tips for hybrid events

When it comes to the registration process, ensure the registration platform is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, as many people will use their mobile devices to sign up. You also want to minimise the information required to register i.e. only collecting essential details like the attendees name, phone number, email etc.).

Organisation and smooth technicalities are crucial for the success of a hybrid event, which is why hiring a professional media production team with a hybrid event service ensures you can sit back, relax and enjoy the event, without worrying about anything.

Get in touch with a friendly member of the team and see how our hybrid event services can help.

4. Maintain Interest By Including Various Elements

Another key tip for hybrid events to bear in mind is to maintain interest by including various elements.

It’s no secret that people have a shorter attention span than ever, having shrunk 25% over just a few years, emphasising how essential it is to keep them engaged.

People are likely to lose focus and interest if your hybrid event isn’t varied enough. As such, you will want to structure your event to incorporate a few different elements, and this is arguably even more important for your virtual participants.

For instance, it’s a good idea to incorporate an interactive online component. This is important as it allows the people attending the event virtually to participate too, and thus actively engage all of your participants instead of them clicking off the event if they’re left to their own devices with nothing else to do.

How to Make Events More Interactive

Interactive components in an event could include:

  • Quizzes.
  • Keynote speakers.
  • Q&A sessions.

Having this interactive element will help to engage with the audience and maintain people’s focus.

It’s also important to mention that if you chose a Q&A session as an interactive component for all participants, be sure to include your virtual participants by answering their questions, too.

Tips for hybrid events

As people’s attention span has shrunk 25% over just a few years, this emphasises how essential it is to keep them engaged at hybrid events.

5. Plan Online & Offline Interaction Spaces

An essential tip when setting up your hybrid event is to plan online and offline interaction spaces.

Hybrid events are a wonderful way for people to network, and when you consider that a remarkable ‘85% of job vacancies are filled via networking’, you can see why the potential of networking is a big draw to your event.

That said, this means you will need to incorporate adequate breaks into the event. Online and offline interaction spaces are essential for networking, as you don’t want to leave your virtual participants hanging with nothing else to do whilst there’s a break.

For your virtual participants, you can set up specific break-out rooms to allow your participants to converse and network among each other. This will ensure that no one is left out or feels like they’re not getting enough out of the event even if they’re not there in person.

Additionally, virtual surveys are another engaging option alongside breakout rooms.

Successful hybrid event

When you consider that a remarkable ‘85% of job vacancies are filled via networking’, you can see why the potential of networking is a big draw to your hybrid event.

6. Monitor Analytics and Gather Feedback

Lastly, in order to improve the success of any future hybrid events, it’s important that you monitor analytics from each hybrid event that you hold.

Analysing attendee engagement metrics, such as the number of participants, duration of the session, and interaction levels, will help you to evaluate the overall performance of the event, and provides insight into what worked well and what elements could do with some improvement.

As well as monitoring analytics, you should also gather attendee feedback after the event, so to identify strengths and possible areas for improvement. You can do this by sending out questionnaires, surveys or sending a simple email requesting a short testimonial. You can then use this feedback to iterate and refine your approach for future hybrid events.

Hopefully we’ve provided you with some useful tips for hosting successful hybrid events.

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Written by Jemima Thomas for Buffoon Media.

Published 10/01/2023

Updated 28/02/2024