5 Advantages Of Virtual Events

During 2020, virtual events soared in popularity as businesses around the world were forced to adapt their way of working.

That said, since the world has opened back up, the popularity of virtual events is still apparent, with research showing that ‘77.2% of the people surveyed prefer virtual events because of how easy they are to attend’.

If you’re considering hosting a virtual event, you might be wondering what some of the advantages of this are.

There are a range of advantages associated with virtual events. These advantages include, but are not limited to:

  1. Virtual events allow you to reach a wider audience
  2. They’re more accessible
  3. The success of virtual events is easily measured
  4. Virtual events are cost-effective
  5. They’re highly convenient

1. Virtual Events Allow You To Reach A Wider Audience

Virtual events are not faced with the same geographical constraints as traditional in-person events, allowing you to reach a significantly broader audience.

Not only can you reach people from all over the globe, the attendance rate is actually higher for virtual events. In fact, research has ‘found the general attendance rate for virtual events is around 1,356 participants’, which is significantly higher than that of traditional in-person events standing at around 908 attendees.

This largely comes down to their convenience and the fact that attendees aren’t faced with the added complication of considering accommodation. After all, all people need to attend a virtual event is their chosen device and a link to the virtual event.

Virtual events

2. They’re More Accessible

Not everyone has the time or the means to travel to an in-person event, especially when they’re hosted overseas, meaning many can miss out on valuable information and networking opportunities.

Hosting a virtual event removes the need for people to take a significant proportion of time out of their schedule to travel to a physical event, making them more accessible to a wider range of attendees.

As such, provided you have promoted your event successfully ahead of time, virtual events can be accessed by people all over the world without them having to increase their carbon footprints or spend money on travelling there.

3. The Success Of Virtual Events Is Easily Measured

Another important benefit of virtual events is that the success of them is easily measured.

When hosting a virtual event, you’re able to measure attendee behaviour, such as how many people tune into your event, as well as the number of attendees that participated in discussions, break-out rooms, surveys, polls and more.

You can also gain highly valuable and informative data, such as the most visited areas of your event and the content that was consumed the most, as well as audience retention rate to name a few key performance indicators.

Beyond the number of people that attend an in-person event, it’s much harder to establish the number of active participants and the success of traditional events overall, making the success of virtual events much easier to measure.

Virtual events advantages

4. Virtual Events Are Cost-Effective

A significant advantage of virtual events is that they are highly cost-effective.

In fact, research has shown that ‘79% of event planners reported having significantly reduced their event expenses by taking the virtual route’, enabling them to invest more money in the quality of their virtual event.

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5. They’re Highly Convenient

Last, but by no means least, a significant advantage of virtual events is that they’re highly convenient.

The flexibility of being able to tune into a virtual event from home or the office makes them a great networking opportunity for people with busier schedules that simply don’t have the option to attend in-person events.

Additionally, if you record your virtual event, attendees have the opportunity to take breaks and watch what they missed on-demand at a more convenient time.

This not only promotes accessibility but also encourages greater focus from attendees as they’re able to watch as and when is convenient for them.

Advantages of virtual events

We hope that this article has given you a better idea of the various advantages associated with virtual events.

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Written by Jemima Thomas for Buffoon Media.