5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Making Videos For Social Media

The reach of social media is vast, with 58.4% of the world’s population using social media.

With 78% of people watching videos online every week, and 55% of people watching videos on a daily basis, video is a highly effective marketing strategy that you shouldn’t overlook.

There are various reasons why your business should be making videos for social media. Social media videos have the potential to:

  1. Boost conversions
  2. Grab attention
  3. Increase brand exposure
  4. Personify your business
  5. Allow you to capitalise off trending topics

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1. Boost Conversions

One of the biggest reasons why your business should be making videos for social media is that they boost conversions.

78% of marketers claim that video marketing affects conversion rates and therefore significantly impacts sales.

That said, when creating a video for your social media, it’s crucial that your video is both informative and engaging. It is equally as important for your video to be designed with your goal of boosting conversions in mind. As such, user action should be involved.

If a customer has watched a video until the end, then you’ve succeeded in maintaining their interest.

However, whether you want to drive traffic to your site or want viewers to share the video, it’s your responsibility to ensure they take the desired action by directing them to do so in the video.

This may be as simple as saying “to learn more, visit our website,” but it’s essential that you include it.

2. Grab Attention

Social media videos can also help to grab people’s attention, with 80% of people claiming that they prefer video content to written text.

This likely comes down to the fact that videos are incredibly easy to consume, and are also great for informing and educating your audience on what you’d like them to learn.

In fact, according to Forbes, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch through the medium of video, compared to the 10% when read.

When you consider how high the percentage for video is, you’d be missing an opportunity to not create engaging video content.

That said, while more people prefer video content, it’s your job to ensure that you’re creating high quality content videos that hold their attention and stop them from scrolling by. Hiring a professional media production company can help you get started on this journey.

3. Increase Brand Exposure

A big reason why people choose to make social media videos for their business is that they help to increase brand exposure.

Regardless of their interest in a topic, not everyone has the time to read written content or finds written content engaging.

In fact, when it comes to social media apps such as Instagram, video content is 2 times more engaging than other content types.

Creating a new medium of content opens your business up to a wider audience that you might not otherwise reach, allowing you to maximise engagement and increase brand awareness.

An easy way to begin creating video content is through a monthly video subscription service that helps you to supplement your social media with consistent and high quality video content every month.

As a result, you’ll be able to appeal to more people and gain more traffic for your site thanks to this consistency.

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4. Help To Personify Your Business

Videos on your social media help to personify your business, allowing you to connect with your audience on a more personal level whilst promoting transparency.

People engage with your content more if they can humanise the people behind it, and if you can give a glimpse into the behind the scenes of the business, people will be able to relate to it more.

By giving people the opportunity to see the processes behind your business, they’ll naturally feel more connected and included whilst gaining a wider understanding of why they support you as well as your business.

While written content allows you to inform your audience in a similar way, the relationship you can build with your audience from video and podcasting content is incomparable.

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5. Allow You To Capitalise Off Trending Topics

Going viral has become a trend to strive for in recent years, as many content creators view it as the golden ticket to their meteoric rise.

On a smaller scale, producing social media videos that focus on certain trends allow you to dip into this world as well as capitalise off trending topics online.

Anyone that’s used social media for a period of time knows what creating content around a trending topic can do not only for your engagement, but also for the potential traffic it can bring to your website.

Knowing what people want to learn more about and using that to your advantage when designing your video content is one of the easiest ways to keep people engaged.

Through discussing a trending topic and inserting yourself into that space, more people that take interest in that topic have the potential to find your business and take interest in it.

After all, if they’re already browsing a trending topic, they’re already interested in what you’ve got to say on that topic.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of why your business should be making videos for social media.

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Written by Jemima Thomas for Buffoon Media.