The Benefits of Using Video Production Retainer Packages

If you need to create a series of videos for your business every month, whether it be for social media content or training videos for new staff, a video production retainer service is a fantastic way to get the quality videos you need at a discounted rate.

This type of subscription typically involves paying a video production company a set amount per month, in return for content at a discounted price.

But cheaper rates aren’t the only benefit. Keep reading to discover some of the top reasons why businesses, like yours, should consider using video production subscription services.

5 key benefits of using video production retainer packages for your business include:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Consistency
  3. A streamlined work-flow
  4. Fast-track editing
  5. Regular contact and improvements

1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the main benefits of choosing to use a video production subscription is that it is the most cost-effective way of producing regular video content for your business or organisation, compared to your usual ‘pay as you go’ payment process.

At Buffoon Media, our subscription/ retainer packages work by committing to a minimum spend each month, and the more you commit, the more the discount! You could be saving up to 35% off your monthly bills. Get in touch with a friendly member of the team to discuss your next video project.

Benefits of Using Video Production Subscription Services

The perfect solution for weekly or monthly video productions such as social videos, event filming or training videos.

In addition to discounted rates, subscribing to a video production service eliminates the need to invest in expensive video production equipment, infrastructure and software licences, which reduces ongoing operational costs associated with maintaining in-house video production.

2. Consistency

Another huge benefit is that retainer packages allow you to maintain consistency in style, branding and quality across your content.

Subscription services often include quality control and review processes to ensure that all videos meet the expected standards before they are shared and distributed to the client. This can involve automated checks for technical issues, as well as manual review processes to identify things like content accuracy, messaging consistency, and adherence to brand guidelines.

This can help reinforce your brand identity and messaging, enhance brand recognition, and build trust and loyalty among your audience.

As a subscription client, we at Buffoon Media will become an extension to your marketing team. And by using the same production company for all of your productions, this creates consistency across all of your content.

3. A Streamlined Work-Flow

Another great thing about hiring a video production company via a retainer package is that retainer services often come with intuitive platforms or interfaces that make it easy to manage projects, collaborate with team members, and track progress.

This streamlined workflow can help save time and improve efficiency, particularly if your business is juggling multiple projects at once.

Benefits of Using Video Production Subscription Services

A subscription service is a fantastic solution if your business is already juggling a number of different projects simultaneously.

This leads us nicely onto point number 4…

4. Fast-Track Editing

With many subscription services, video production companies will offer priority scheduling for their clients’ productions. This means faster turnaround times and in turn, happier clients.

Also, many subscription services include built-in review and approval processes that streamline the feedback loop between editors and clients or stakeholders.

These processes allow stakeholders to review draft versions of the videos created, provide feedback, and approve final edits within the same platform, reducing delays caused by communication gaps or conflicting feedback.

5. Regular Contact and Improvements

Last but certainly not least, with a video retainer package, most companies or agencies will offer monthly meetings to plan and review current/future video productions.

Our dedicated Account Managers at Buffoon media offer monthly meetings with our clients, either in-person or virtually, to discuss current projects and ideas for content. This regular contact ensures we’re offering personalised support and fostering a collaborative relationship focused on continuous improvement.

Also, many subscription services provide their clients with access to performance metrics and analytics dashboards that track key metrics such as engagement, audience retention, and conversion rates. By regularly reviewing these key metrics, clients can identify the main areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimise their video content.

Benefits of Using Video Production Subscription Services

This is especially beneficial for social media video production.

Why Use our Monthly Video Subscription/ Retainer Service?

At Buffoon Media, our subscription packages work by committing to a minimum spend each month. The more you commit, the more the discount! Your video subscription can be spent on all of our production services including live streaming, animation and aerial work.

If you spend more than the minimum commitment, your discount will be applied to everything (excl. third party and travel costs) so you’ll save even more!

But that’s not all… here are some additional benefits:

  • Become a VIP – All of our retainer clients will receive an invite to official hospitality at the Principality Stadium during the term of their agreement. Enjoy the thrill of a rugby match or a night out at a music concert.


  • Savings up to 35% – Depending on your monthly commitment, you could be saving up to 35% off your monthly bills. Either pocket the savings or get more video for your money.


  • Regular contact with us – Each month, your dedicated Account Manager will schedule a meeting (in-person or virtually) to discuss current projects and ideas for content.


  • Roll-over any unused budget – If you don’t spend your minimum commitment within a month, this will roll over into the following month. All budgets must be spent before the agreement ends.


Sound good? Contact us today to start your monthly subscription journey and see how we can take your video production to new heights!

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Written by Kate Jones for Buffoon Media.