Welcome to Buffoon Media.

A bilingual media production, live streaming and distribution company.

Face-to-face activities such as filming can now take place providing that the measures in our COVID-19 Statement are able to be followed.

Aerial Videography, Photography and Inspection



Buffoon Media is a licensed drone operator with £10m public liability insurance. Whether you're looking for aerial sessions on their own or want to include it in with ground filming, we have a number of options available for you.



We offer:

  • ground and aerial filming with multi skilled operators;
  • half and full day standalone aerial videography and photography;
  • special packages for estate, land and property sessions;
  • site surveys and inspections;
  • aerial mapping; and
  • night operations.


Our Line Up

  • Our Inspire 2 is our flagship drone, capable of flying up to 59mph so there’s very little wasted time getting the drone lined up for the perfect shot. We are able to film in up to 5.2K and 21MP for stills and can be controlled by two operators for breathtaking aerial shots.
  • We also fly the Mavic Pro 2 which is ideal for productions that require quicker set up. It's a small drone and can fit into our camera bags so is great for jobs with only one operator if you require ground and aerial filming. This drone films in 4K and produces images at 20MP. 
  • Finally, the Mini 2 is a super small drone that weighs under 250g. Ideal for tricky flying situations where space is tight. Even though this is a consumer drone, flown with a highly skilled remote pilot, this will still capture some amazing footage and images. This drone also films in 4K and produces images at 12MP.



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