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Over the years, our live streaming production services have streamed to millions of viewers across the world. We’re a highly experienced streaming company and have worked for clients across the UK and into Europe.

As the only streaming production company in Wales to have invested in LiveU technology, streaming in even the most remote locations isn’t a problem.

We also offer split payments over three months to help spread the cost, find out more here.

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Can you live stream more than one event at a time?
Yes we can, we have access to a large pool of highly experienced crew and equipment to deliver multiple events at once.
How many people are involved with a live stream?
There can be a wide range of crew involved with a live stream depending on its size and budget. Roles can include Directors, Camera Operators, Vision Mixers, Sound Engineers, Chat Moderators and the list can go on. The majority of our live streams are produced remotely which means that only crew involved with cameras and sound are on-location, everyone else is at our studio in Port Talbot. The benefits of doing it this way means that setting up takes a fraction of the time and there are less people on-site.
How much does it cost to live stream?
Live streams vary from hundreds of pounds to thousands of pounds, it really does depend on a number of factors. The most affordable streams are ones that are virtual where no physical filming is needed and of course the length of the stream is a big factor. We would be happy to provide initial rough estimates if you are considering live streaming your next event.
What happens after the live stream ends?
Depending on what you have requested, you can choose to have each individual camera and audio sources recorded, and/or the final mix which is what was streamed. The entire video can be uploaded to be watched at the viewers’ convenience, and also cut into separate segments to create individual videos.

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