Take your next event virtual event in London live

Virtual events have taken the world by storm over the last few years, and they’re not disappearing any time soon.

A virtual event is produced entirely remotely from a studio, with attendees contributing from work or home.

If your company is interested in producing a virtual event, look no further than Buffoon Media. Our London video production service is ideal for awards ceremonies, conferences, and more. Our team has years of experience producing virtual events from beginning to end.

As a virtual event production company, we recognise that virtual events often aren’t affordable for every business, especially in London.

If you’re of the opinion that virtual event production shouldn’t cost the world, you’re in excellent company. Buffoon Media’s proud to offer iwoca Pay Later, allowing our customers to spread the cost of their event over 12 months.

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Virtual Event Features

Produced Remotely

To minimise set-up time and the number of crew members on site, most of your virtual event will be produced from our remote studio.
That said, the studio, location, and virtual contributors will communicate directly before and during the virtual event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Highly Branded Experiences

Our production team can fill your virtual event with branded graphics for speakers and labels.
Moreover, we can incorporate physical branding and include pre-recorded content, including videos and photos.

Cameras and Callers

With our virtual event production service, you can include professional camera feeds from locations anywhere in the world to our studio and up to 8 callers, with options to increase should you need to.


Our experienced team can stream to various platforms, from YouTube to Facebook to Zoom, Teams, and more.
If you need to stream to multiple platforms, we have Pay Per View options.


Our virtual events team can record the live stream in HD for you to upload after the event or edit it into shorter videos.


Depending on the platform you stream to, you could access various useful analytics, from the number of viewers to the average view time, to improve your future virtual events.

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