Take your next event live

A virtual event is one that is produced completely remotely, everyone is contributing either at home or work.

Perfect for conferences, awards, video podcasts and so much more!

We also offer split payments over three months to help spread the cost, find out more here.

Virtual Events

Virtual Event Features

Produced Remotely

To reduce the amount of crew on site and setup time, the majority of your event will be produced from our remote studio in Port Talbot. Don’t worry, there’ll be direct communication between the studio, location and virtual contributors before and during the event.

Highly Branded Experiences

We can fill your event with branded graphics for speakers and labels, custom web pages. We can also incorporate physical branding with backdrops and include pre-recorded content such as photos and/or videos.

Cameras and Callers

Include professional camera feeds from locations anywhere across the world to our studio along with up to 8 callers with options available to increase further if needed.


We can stream to a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, Hopin and Teams. Need to stream to more than one? No problem! We also have Pay Per View options available.


We can record the live stream in HD for you to upload post-event or edit into shorter videos.


Depending on the platform you stream to, you could have access to analytics such as the number of viewers, demographics, locations, average view time and much more.

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