The 5 Benefits Of Podcasting For Business

A podcast is a series of audio episodes that tend to be focused on a topic or theme. Unlike visual content that you can’t watch when commuting to work, at the gym, or driving, podcasts are convenient to listen to anywhere.

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The popularity of podcasts has seen exponential growth over the last few years.

The popularity of podcasts has grown exponentially over the past few years, and is showing no sign of slowing down. According to Ovum, global monthly podcast listener figures are forecast to grow from 287 million in 2016 to a whopping 1.85 billion by 2023.

The popularity of podcasts is what many businesses are choosing to capitalise on. This, alongside the vast array of benefits that are associated with them is why you should consider one.

The 5 Benefits Of Podcasting For Business

  1. It’s convenient for you and your audience
  2. Helps to build a connection with your readers
  3. Helps to build brand authority
  4. Great for brand awareness
  5. Increases website traffic
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Podcasts allow you to connect with your audience in a way you can’t easily replicate with written content.

1. It’s Convenient For You & Your Audience

One of the biggest benefits of podcasts for business owners is that it’s convenient for both you and your audience.

Although it might feel like a daunting prospect if you don’t have the experience, podcasts are relatively easy to start provided you have a topic or theme in mind.

When starting a podcast, you don’t necessarily need a lot of expensive equipment, as you’re just dealing with audio. Investing in the quality of your podcast once it begins to gain traction by hiring a professional media production team is a good idea, but it’s more simple than you’d expect to get started.

In addition to this, podcasts are very convenient for listeners to consume. Anyone that owns a desktop, smartphone, laptop, or tablet has the ability to listen to a podcast, whenever and wherever they desire.

2. Helps To Build A Connection With Your Readers

Podcasts also allow you to build a connection with your readers that you can’t easily achieve from written content alone.

They’re great for making it easier for listeners to learn more about you, helping to humanise the people behind a business.

People are much more likely to support something that they can relate to. They’ll hear your voice, feel apart of the community, and learn about you and your business.

As a result of this, they will begin to build a connection that is difficult to achieve from only reading blog posts. This will also have a knock-on effect with any events you might run, generating both awareness and interest.

In addition to this, it provides you with the opportunity to get your audience involved. This is especially true of answering their burning questions about your business.

3. Helps To Build Brand Authority

Starting a business podcast can also help you to build brand authority, helping you to make a name for your business.

This comes down to the fact that when you provide multiple means of consuming your content, listeners will begin to take note and want to learn more from the experts you employ.

When you combine your podcast with written and video content, then you’re well on your way to becoming a bigger authority.

Once your business begins to gain traction and you become a bigger authority, more and more people will trust your content.

Podcasting for business

Podcasting can help you to generate new traffic that you’d not otherwise get from written content alone.

4. Great For Brand Awareness

Another big podcast benefit for business is that they’re great for brand awareness. Many podcast listeners tend to search for industries and subjects that interest them.

If your podcast is in the directories where listeners are searching for a new podcast and it’s a topic that they’re interested in, you’re in luck. Thanks to their interest, they’re likely to give your podcast a try to find a potential new favourite.

Podcasting can also contain subtle branding that doesn’t feel overwhelming for the listener. For instance, you’ll likely mention the name of your business throughout the podcast naturally.

This will simultaneously help build brand awareness without your listeners feeling like it’s forced.

5. Increases Website Traffic

A podcast benefit for a business is that it increases website traffic. This helps you to reach audiences that you otherwise wouldn’t.

People live busy lives. Not everyone has the time to consume written or video content. According to DiscoverPods, 66% of people reported that they spend more time listening to podcasts than they do watching television.

Provided that you are consistent, you are much more likely to have people subscribe to your podcast to hear weekly episodes.

If a person likes your podcast enough to subscribe, then it’s also likely that they will recommend your podcast to others.

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of the benefits that podcasting can bring for businesses.

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Written by Jemima Thomas for Buffoon Media.