The Different Types Of TV Ads

Television is one of the oldest advertising mediums but remains strong today.

TV advertising allows businesses to expand their reach and build brand authority and trust.

Not every TV advertisement will be appropriate for your business and its goals, but it’s important to understand the different types of TV ads available before investing in them.

There are numerous types of TV ads. Types of TV ads include, but are not limited to:

  1. The Unique Personality Property (USP) model
  2. Testimonial
  3. Character or celebrity endorsement
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Before and After

1. The Unique Personality Property (USP) Model

The first type of TV advertisement we will cover is the Unique Personality Property (USP) model.

This TV ad focuses on one or more unique selling points of a business’s product or service that sets your brand apart from the competition.

Many tech companies like Samsung and Apple follow this advertisement model.

By basing your advertisement around your unique selling point, you can identify an issue and, more importantly, show your target market how you can solve it better than any other brand.

TV advertising allows businesses to expand their reach.

2. Testimonial

The next type of TV ad is the testimonial advertisement.

As the name suggests, this type of ad utilises the testimonials of satisfied customers and usually includes compelling statistics to emphasise the product or service’s benefits.

These adverts tend to feature real-life users who specifically target and engage with viewers by sharing their positive experiences using your brand.

This is an excellent example of how businesses can use testimonials to humanise their brand, putting real faces behind a company and helping audiences relate to the real-life experiences of the people in the advertisements.

To discover what makes a good TV advertisement, check out our blog.

3. Character Or Celebrity Endorsement

Character or celebrity endorsement ads leverage the power and influence of celebrities and renowned names.

Although costly, they can be some of the most engaging television advertisements and provide an impressive return on investment (ROI).

In fact, ‘two out of every ten consumers bought products endorsed by influencers and celebrities’, emphasising how powerful they can be.

From Claudia Winkleman’s association with Head & Shoulders shampoo to Gary Lineker’s affiliation with Walkers crisps, numerous celebrity endorsement ads are used by various industries.

Having a celebrity endorse a product not only helps legitimise it to audiences but also leaves a lasting impression, making the advertisement more memorable.

4. Problem-Solving

A common type of television advertisement is the problem-solving ad.

Various industries adopt these ads for their simple yet effective nature. These TV ads show problems, from bad skin to indigestion, before demonstrating how the product or service can solve this problem.

Take Gaviscon’s heartburn and indigestion TV advertisements as an example. These adverts pair the image of people struggling with the fiery symptoms of indigestion and heartburn (the problem) with a memorable image of Gaviscon firefighters (using the product) to showcase how the brand can solve the issue efficiently. Check out this ad from Gaviscon UK below to see more.

Problem-solving ads, then, effectively highlight your product or service as the obvious solution.

5. Before & After

Last but not least, we have before and after television ads.

Also known as the ‘demo ad,’ these advertisements show the power of a product or service through a before-and-after demonstration.

Laundry ads from brands such as Persil and Ariel are the epitome of before and after adverts. These ads typically feature a badly stained shirt before the product is applied. After the product is used, the shirt looks as good as new.

When done well, before and after ads can demonstrate the benefit of a product and can be an effective route of persuasion.

Is TV Advertising Expensive?

It’s no secret that TV advertising hasn’t always been affordable, especially for smaller businesses.

Television advertising can be expensive, depending on the route and campaign you choose, but there are now much more affordable options for smaller businesses that want to advertise on the small screen, such as Sky AdSmart.

How We Can Help

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Written by Jemima Thomas for Buffoon Media.