Experienced Aerial Drone Operators in London

Professional drone filming can provide stunning visuals and breathtaking aerial photography, helping you showcase the services and products you offer while helping your business stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re offering a behind-the-scenes look at your business or are generating interest around an event, Buffoon Media’s aerial filming service aims to simplify the process with our state-of-the-art drones and highly-skilled operators.

All of our aerial filming work is fully insured up to £10 million, covering a range of aerial services that will help to give your target audience a new perspective.

Our aerial drone operators have the experience to recognise that drone filming in London doesn’t come cheap.

That said, we as a company are proud to offer our customers split payments over twelve months with iwoca Pay Monthly to help spread the cost of your project.

So, regardless of whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, you can access stunning aerial filming and photography at an affordable rate.

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Super High Quality Video and Stills

Our London-based drone operators can record up to 5.1K ProRes and 48MP images.

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Thorough Planning

Every aerial project at Buffoon is planned meticulously. From ground hazards to gaining landowner’s permission, our team takes care of the process from start to finish.

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Peace of Mind

All of our aerial projects are covered by £10m in public liability insurance, so you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.

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Day and Night Operations

No matter the size of your aerial project, we can fly any of our drones during the day or at night in London.

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Close to the Action

Our range of drones have been carefully selected to ensure we can safely fly over and as close as 50m horizontally to the public.

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Live Feeds

Each of our drones can provide HD live feeds from up in the air to play on screens or into live streams.

Other Aerial Services

  • Inspections & Surveys
  • Search and Rescue Support
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Audio Announcements by drone
  • Mapping
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Our Drones

Mavic 3 Cine aerial drone filming

Mavic 3 Cine

The Mavic 3 Cine drone is perfect for aerial filming jobs that require quick setup with a single crew ground filming session or is ideal for indoor drone filming.

Capable of 5.1K filming in ProRes and 20MP stills, this drone is small but mighty.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone

Mini 3 Pro

The Mini 3 Pro is the smallest drone we use at Buffoon Media, weighing just under 250g.

Due to how lightweight it is, it enables our team to safely fly over the public whilst capturing 4k footage and 48MP stills.

The Process

Pre Production for London-based company video production


Every aerial filming project starts here. Our team will scope out what is needed before determining the safest, most efficient way to deliver the shots.

Our London-based aerial operators handle everything, from carrying out detailed aerial risk assessments to liaising with landowners.

24 hours before we fly the drones, our team will carry out extra checks, including weather forecasts, to ensure everything runs safely and smoothly on the day.

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Setting up can range from a few minutes to 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the aerial shoot and location.

Our aerial drone operators in London will carry out a final site assessment, and once we’re happy that it’s safe, we can begin filming.

Post-production creative video production london


Once our operators have landed the drone safely, all of the footage and images will be backed up, ready for the post-production process.


What do you need to plan before flying?
We have a 100% safety record and we’d like to keep it that way. Each flight has a detailed risk assessment based on either a remote survey or on-location visit. We then take into consideration other nearby air users, ground risks, land ownership, airspace restrictions amongst many other things. Once we’re happy that the flight can be carried out safely, we’ll then go ahead to confirm everything with you.
How long do you need to plan flights?
Simple low-risk flights can be planned within a day but more complex shoots that require landowners permission or have airspace restrictions will take longer as we need to wait for clearance. We would recommend a minimum of two weeks notice for most flights. We can fly at shorter notice, however, this would be subject to our availability at the time and the amount of planning work needed.
Can you fly in the rain or when it’s windy?
Drones hate rain and so do we as they can’t fly in wet weather. Our drones can fly safely in winds up to 10m/s, any more than that and it will compromise the safety of the flight along with stability of the shots. We will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast before your shoot and will offer to reschedule the date if the weather doesn’t look suitable. The weather can be unpredictable and can change very quickly, if the Remote Pilot believes that a change in weather during the filming day compromises safety, we will have to postpone. Postponements due to weather are free of charge, you won’t need to pay for the additional date provided there is no change to the brief.
How high can you go and how far away?
Our drones can actually go up to around 18,000ft and quite a few miles away. However, there are laws that we must all abide by. The maximum height that we can fly at is 400ft and no more than 500m away from the pilot.
Are you insured?
We have £10m Public Liability insurance for all of our drone work.
How long can your drones fly for?
Flight time for most of our drones is between 20-30 minutes but this can be affected by the weather, altitude and type of flying. Don’t worry, we carry lots of batteries to keep the drone going, although we will need to land and take-off for each battery change.
What’s a Gimbal Operator?
Our Inspire 2 has the option to be controlled by two people. This is to fly it at it’s best as there’ll be a Remote Pilot controlling the flight and a Gimbal Operator controlling the camera. This is particularly useful for flights in more challenging environments or if there are particular key shots that would benefit from having a second pair of eyes.
Can you fly indoors?
Flying inside isn’t a problem and a number of laws don’t apply when we’re indoors. Our pilots can skilfully manoeuvre around the inside of buildings along with sophisticated sensors on the drones to keep the shots steady.

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