What Is Drone Videography?

Drone videography, also known as aerial videography, is the process of capturing video from a drone.

Drone videography can be used for a number of circumstances, from entertainment to marketing purposes for a business.

Considering ‘91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool‘, drone footage can help your business to stand out. From birds-eye views to spinning elevation shots, drone videography provides a unique perspective for your viewers and is sure to leave a lasting impression on their minds.

Back in the day, drone shots were reserved for those who had a large-scale budget for hiring a helicopter, as this was the only way to achieve such footage.

Since the introduction of drones, aerial videography and aerial photography have become much more affordable options, making them a great investment for large and small businesses alike.

The Benefits of Drone Videography

You should consider using drone videography for your business for numerous reasons.

The benefits of using drone videography include, but are not limited to:

  1. It can enhance live streaming
  2. It offers an immersive experience for viewers
  3. It’s great for providing a behind the scenes look
  4. It takes your filming to new heights
  5. It is cost-effective

1. It Can Enhance Live Streaming

If you’re looking for a way to transform your live-streamed events, drone videography is a fantastic way to enhance your footage.

Drone videography and photography can provide you with breath taking views, helping to bring a new element to your live events.

At Buffoon Media, our experienced drone operators have a wealth of experience in capturing stunning aerial photography and videography using our state of the art drones.

From sports matches to charity and corporate events, our drone videography can bolster your live-streaming events by offering a unique and engaging view no matter which event we’re capturing.

What is drone videography

If you’re interested in investing in aerial videography or photography, get in touch with a member of our team today.

2. It Offers An Immersive Experience For Viewers

Another reason to use drone videography is that aerial videos offer an immersive experience for viewers.

Capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention isn’t an easy feat in this modern world, particularly amongst the younger generation that has become used to short-form content on the likes of Instagram and TikTok.

As drone videography offers cinematic shots and beautiful visuals, it helps to put your audience in an entertainment mindset, helping to create an immersive experience similar to a film.

By promoting this ‘shift from a marketing mindset to an entertainment mindset’, then, you can improve engagement and appeal to younger audiences with drone videography.

3. It’s Great For Providing A Behind The Scenes Look

Another reason to use drone videography is that it’s a great way to provide a behind the scenes look for your audience.

Not only does behind the scenes footage offer viewers a deeper understanding, but it also helps you to ‘connect with the audience in a way that’s not possible through scripted content’.

From flying a drone over your business to giving your audience a candid and transparent look into how your business operates, drone videography can engage your audience on a human level.

Aerial video

In creating this connection, then, you promote a deeper interest and relationship with the people you’re actually producing the content for.

4. It Takes Your Filming To New Heights

Last, but by no means least, drone videography can take your filming to new heights, and we don’t just mean this in the literal sense.

Aside from being able to fly high into the air, drones are relatively small in size, allowing you to film in limited spaces and achieve footage you’d otherwise struggle to film with traditional cameras.

At Buffoon Media, our wide range of carefully selected drones means that we can safely fly over and as close as 50m horizontally to the public, allowing us to push our creative limits to produce a visually stunning video your audience is sure to remember.

Every job is meticulously planned. From gaining landowners’ permission to airspace restrictions and ground hazards, we have it covered so you can relax and focus on other aspects of your business.

Drone filming

Drones achieve footage you’d otherwise struggle to film with traditional cameras.

5. It is Cost-Effective

Lastly, drone videography is a super cost-effective way of capturing aerial drone footage. Traditional aerial photos and videos are typically taken using manned aircraft, like helicopters, or cranes, which can be pretty expensive due to the renting or leasing costs, pilot fees and other permits. Drones, however, are much more affordable and often provide higher-quality results.

Drones are also relatively easy to deploy, requiring minimal setup time compared to the traditional methods mentioned above. This quick deployment can therefore lead to cost savings in terms of labour and logistical support.

Hopefully this article has given you a wider perspective on drone videography and reasons to use it.

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Written by Jemima Thomas for Buffoon Media.


Date Published – 23/05/2023

Date Updated – 02/01/2024